Fresh Green Juice for a Spring Clean

by Julie Gibbons on April 1, 2011

What’s in the Box Episode 2 wasn’t planned, but when I realised that I was about to hit a something of a landmark for myself I thought you might like to see. Fresh from yoga and without so much as a brush of my hair, I share with you here my first attempt at having a fresh green juice for brekkie.

Blooper alert : The nonsense you talk on video – well, I couldn’t believe my ears when I was editing this and heard myself tell you that the bowl of beautiful greens contained free radicals! You’ll know that the free radicals are the wee molecules in your body that are responsible for tissue damage and that eating and drinking foods rich in anti-oxidants will help you keep them in check. I’m glad I don’t allow comments on my YT vids – could you imagine the backlash I’d face!

I added in a teaspoon of spirulina before I drank the rest of my juice. I like the colour co-ordination involved … this added a vague seaweed flavour to the concoction, but it wasn’t at all unpleasant.

I really do think I could grow to love this juice as a break fast measure and have already emailed my veg box suppliers to see if they can make sure I have enough ingredients for at least 5 days out of the 7. I definitely prefer this fresh juice to the powder we usually use, which I’ve grown used to but still don’t crave ;)

Despite being a little tired out from lots of very busy days and late nights, which is not my usual routines, I was super-charged today right through until I crashed a little about 4pm. Was it the juice? Was it just thinking about the juice? Should I care?

If you’d like to be inspired by Kris Carr’s new book, then here’s a wee Amazon UK link for you to add it to your wishlist or shopping basket today – there’s a 21 Day Cleanse in there you might like to try out to give your bod a spring clean.

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