Quick Lunch Tortilla with Poached Egg in Chilli & Tomato Sauce

by Julie Gibbons on March 15, 2011

Quick Lunch Tortilla with Poached Egg in Chilli & Tomato Sauce

Another quickie lunch idea for you. The image is really ambiguous, but it is such a delicious meal please take a peek at how easy it is to make. Looking at the image reminds me this could nutritiously benefit from the addition of some wilted spinach or other greenery.

serves 2

2 x Ready made tortilla wrap ( or home mad if you’re not in a hurry)
400g can organic plum tomatoes
1 organic onion, sliced
1 dried organic red chilli (or 2 fresh)
50g grated cheddar cheese
2 organic eggs
(wilted spinach to serve and or chopped fresh coriander)

  1. Sweat your onions in a non-stick pan (add a wee bit of water if you’re worried about sticking) until soft.
  2. Add can of tomatoes and smoosh up a bit before you add in your chillies.
  3. After a few minutes, create 2 wells and crack 1 egg into each.
  4. Meantime, sprinkle your grated cheese on the tortillas and gently grill  on a low heat.
  5. As soon as your eggs have cooked to your taste, remove the chillies and serve the tomato mix on top of your grilled cheese tortillas.
  6. (sprinkle your herbs or add your wilted spinach or any other greens to add some extra nutritional value)

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