Tomato Salad with Oatcakes & Cheese

by Julie Gibbons on January 25, 2011

Tomato Salad with Oatcakes & Cheeses

Just after the big Christmas and New Year feasts, the depths of winter and the cravings for some taste of summer returned. This time in the form of fresh tomatoes. Obviously not a seasonal ingredient, but that and the iceberg lettuce are so freely available in the supermarket, I couldn’t resist popping them into my trolley on our monthly visit.

Tomato Salad

No recipe required, obviously, but you might like an idea for a winter dressing:

Finely chop some red onion. Pour over a little red wine vinegar and mix it with some extra virgin olive oil, and leave in the fridge for a couple of hours. Pour over chopped tomatoes just before serving. We wanted some crunchy iceberg in the salad this time around and added this in addition to some salty black olives and fresh parsley.

Classic Cheese and Oatcakes

We love, love, love oatcakes here! Whenever we serve cheese, there’ll be oatcakes – the teenager often eats oatcakes and cheese for breakfast…

I served some local Brie style cheese with some smoked cheddar here with the oatcakes and some home made Christmas chutney. Some crunchy carrots were added to the already colourful plate – and I almost forgot it was Midwinter.

Normal service and seasonal food will resume in the next episode …

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